Basmajian Lectureship

The John V. Basmajian Lectureship recognizes scientists that have greatly contributed to the field(s) of electrophysiology and/or kinesiology. The Basmajian lecturer is elected by the ISEK Council from propositions from the society membership.  The Basmajian lecturer gives a keynote presentation at the Congress.

About John V. Basmajian

About John V. Basmajian

John V. Basmajian earned his medical degree from the University of Toronto in 1945. Following this, he continued to achieve many notable accomplishments, including his pioneering work in electromyography and biofeedback techniques. He was known as an anatomist, electromyographer and clinical scientist.  Dr. Basmajian scientific achievements were recognized by the Canadian Government in 1995 when he was appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada. He published over 400 scientific articles, presented lectures at more than 100 universities across the globe and published books in multiple languages. John had a genuine interest in public service and was known for his silent philanthropy. His contributions were focused on their potential to benefit others, rather than being a pursuit for recognition. Dr. Basmajian was one of the founding members of ISEK in 1965 and is recognized for his efforts as the “Father of EMG Biofeedback Therapy”. In 1996 he was honored with a lectureship in his name: the Basmajian Lectureship.  John V. Basmajian passed away on March 18, 2008, but his legacy remains fundamental in its field and he will be remembered as a remarkable scholar and human being.

Past Basmajian Lecturers


Induction Year Name Institute
1996 Steven Wolf Emory University
1998 Carlo DeLuca Boston University
2000 Carlo DeLuca Boston University
2002 Günter Rau Aachen University
2004 Toshio Moritani Kyoto University
2006 Philip Parker University of New Brunswick
2008 Roberto Merletti Politecnico di Torino
2010 Dick Stegeman Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
2012 Toshio Moritani Kyoto University
2014 Moshe Solomonow University of Colorado Boulder
2016 W. Zev Rymer Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
2018 Roger Enoka University of Colorado Boulder
2020 Gisela Sjøgaard University of Southern Denmark
2022 Jayne Garland Western University



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